A few days since its official launch, Battlefield 2042 has unfortunately ended up on the eighth spot on a list of Steam's worst-rated games ever, according to the Hall of Shame website. And the situation might get even worse if the developers don't patch the game up soon.

Battlefield 2042 hasn't received the best of critical reviews. Here at TheGamer, we gave it a largely negative review and advised players to avoid it until it received updates. The shooter's reception among players also seems to be far from what the team was hoping for. At the time of writing, the title stands at only 25 percent positive reviews from the audience, mostly because of its buggy technical state on PC, including annoying server issues. Some even called the game "Battlefield 20-42fps," which speaks for itself. Of all the 32,000 reviews, fewer than 10,000 users believe Battlefield 2042 is worth getting right now.

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What's more, only two percent separates the game from falling to the sixth spot on the notorious list, which would surpassing games such as GASP and Identity. However, Battlefield 2042 is still significantly better than the worst game on the list — Konami's e-Football 2022 with its 12 percent positive reviews on Steam.

Battlefield 2042 Lands On Eighth Spot Among The Worst Reviewed Games On Steam

Battlefield 2042 landed mostly negative scores on Steam with its first players who got early access by purchasing the Gold and the Ultimate editions. Since then, the average score has been dropping constantly and reached 23 percent at its lowest.


The game's reception among critics seems to be slightly better. The shooter currently stands at 6.9 out of ten on OpenCritic, while its Metacritic score is about seven out of ten, depending on the platform. Our Harry Alston, for example, after spending over 30 hours with Battlefield 2042, humbly suggests you play Halo Infinite instead for a couple of months — until DICE rolls in several beefy patches.

The devs have already begun to fix the game, addressing the most common technical issues such as teleporting players and troubles with the game's servers. They also announced additional gameplay adjustments that you can expect in the upcoming weeks, and maybe even some stripped features will return.

Things will undoubtedly improve with Battlefield 2042 in the future. The only question is how quickly the team will make the experience more pleasant than frustrating.

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