With less than two weeks to go, Bungie has dropped a final bombshell leading into its big 30th-anniversary celebration in Destiny 2. Unlike seasons, the 30th Anniversary Pack will operate more like the game’s annual DLC expansions, meaning players will only be able to access it on whatever platform it was purchased on.

This was confirmed during yesterday’s This Week At Bungie blog update in a message from the developers.

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"The 30th Anniversary Pack, launching on December 7, 2021, will function as DLC (such as Beyond Light or Shadowkeep) and not as Seasonal content. DLC licenses do not transfer between platforms with Cross Save like Seasons do,” wrote Bungie. “This means that the 30th Anniversary Pack will be accessible exclusively on the platform it was purchased regardless of Cross Save setup. Players will need to purchase the 30th Anniversary Pack on each platform they intend to access it on.”

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This answers one of the unknowns about the 30th Anniversary Pack, which had been billed by Bungie as a mini-season to break up the six-month Season of the Lost, currently the longest season in Destiny 2 history. It seems like Bungie might be using the 30th Anniversary Pack to test its new pay-to-access dungeon policy, where most of the game’s dungeons and raids will be locked behind a paywall.


If you're a Destiny player that likes to jump between platforms depending on where you're playing, be sure to purchase the 30th Anniversary Pack on your "main" platform to prevent losing access to the new Loot Cave dungeon.

In addition to the loot cave, the 30th Anniversary event will have a free-to-play six-player matchmade activity called Dares of Eternity, which will provide exclusive loot. Of course, the Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher will require players pay for the pack as the quest requires access to the new dungeon.

There's also going to be a huge sandbox revision on December 7 with abilities, weapons, and more receiving an overhaul. It's going to be an exciting time leading into The Witch Queen, which arrives on February 22.

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