Decidueye joined Pokemon Unite today while another 'mon, Tsareena, was leaked yesterday. But it doesn't look like Nintendo is slowing down with updates as Dragonite has now also leaked.

Take this with a grain of salt - one Reddit user by the name of frankjdk shared a picture of a Discord conversation that contains an image of Dragonite's alleged Unite card. If the image is to be believed, there are also sound bytes.

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One of the Discord moderators commented on the post, "I can confirm these files were found in the game, but nothing is confirmed." There is credence to the images - it's a unique Dragonite pose on the card not found anywhere else meaning it was created specifically for Unite. However, it doesn't necessarily mean Dragonite will be added - it could be a placeholder if the developer ever decides to. Nonetheless, the other leaks have been accurate so far. Decidueye was found in a datamine before being announced, originally spotted way back in early October.

If Dragonite is added, we can take a stab at what they will look like in-game. They will likely start as Dratini, evolving into Dragonair, and then Dragonite. They are, as you probably guessed, a Dragon-type. But they are also Water-type, so their moves would no doubt be based around that unique synergy.


Given that, they would fit the role of All-Rounder which Tsareena was also leaked to be, but Unite has a bit of an infamous track record for what roles it gives to certain 'mons. Maybe they'll end up being Support. Whatever the case, we have a decent idea of what's next for Unite thanks to these two latest leaks.

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