Infamous Twitch streamer Indiefoxx has been banned for the sixth time this year, resulting in her losing her Twitch partnership.

Indiefoxx has been banned several times since starting Twitch but has been most notable for playing a big role in the hot-tub meta, as well as recently farting into a microphone whilst wearing yoga pants.

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Those incidents led to her being banned from Twitch, but it looks like this sixth ban has bigger consequences. Many streamers believe that this ban is indefinite and may not be reversed at all, and Twitter user CommanderRoot pointed out that Indiefoxx is no longer listed as a Twitch partner.

No longer being a Twitch partner means that Indiefoxx can no longer make money from Twitch streams, and if the ban proves to be indefinite then it's possible that she won't be able to stream on the service at all. Considering how popular Indiefoxx is, it's a pretty big move from Twitch to remove her from the service.

Indiefoxx has a reputation for being banned from Twitch in dramatic fashion, only to return to the service a few days later with no consequence. This has been true for most of 2021, with the past five bans all causing a stir and then seemingly being completely forgotten about. This sixth ban seems to be the turning point, and shows that Twitch has clearly had enough.


Most of the incidents that have caused Indiefoxx to be banned over the past six months have had clear reasons as to why the streamer has been removed, such as the hot tub streaming and microphone farting, but the reason behind this ban is currently unclear.

Although Indiefoxx usually Tweets about being banned and makes light of the situation, she's been noticeably quiet since being removed from the platform a few days ago. Her most recent Tweet simply says "hi" with a sad-looking emoji, which should make it clear that she's aware of how serious the situation is this time around.

Other bans have had her advertise her OnlyFans and make fun of Twitch with fellow streamer Amouranth, who has also remained pretty quiet regarding the ban.

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