Pokemon turned 25 this year. That's a quarter of a century with Pokemon in our lives and honestly, it's hard to remember a time when it wasn't there. Well, for those of you 25 and under, there hasn't been a time when Pokemon wasn't there. To celebrate a quarter of a century of catching 'em all, The Pokemon Company has been collaborating with just about anyone and anything willing to carry the Pokemon name.

That long list already includes Oreos, doughnuts, and Katy Perry. You can now add Converse to the list as next month, the iconic sneaker company will launch a line of Pokemon-themed Chuck Taylors as well as a few other items such as t-shirts and backpacks. The limited-edition items won't be available to buy until December 10, 2021, but you can check everything out on the Converse website right now.

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Converse primarily makes shoes, so its Pokemon-covered footwear is the centerpiece of this anniversary collection. One pair includes the three Kanto starters and Pikachu with Jigglypuff on one foot, while the other foot has that same iconic quartet with Meowth. Another pair is made of white canvas rather than black like the first and is covered in Pokemon print. The sneakers will be available in various different sizes for both adults and children.

pokemon x converse
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However, if you want to pick up a pair of Pokemon trainers for your very little one, then Converse will have you covered in that regard too. The shoemakers will be selling two different types of Easy On Chucks designed for infants. A yellow pair with a Pikachu on the front, and a pink pair with Jigglypuff on them instead. As touched upon above, the collection also includes various other items such as sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Pokemon fans really have been spoiled in 2021 and the hits just keep on coming. Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl launched last week, adding to New Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Unite which both arrived in 2021. The celebrations will continue on into 2022 too as Legends: Arceus is currently slated to launch on Nintendo Switch on January 28.

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