Resident Evil 4 VR is pretty good, or so I hear. I don’t have a Quest, but when the game eventually releases on non-Facebook-affiliated platforms like Steam, I’ll be first in line. And maybe by the time that happens, it’ll even have all the DLC that was missing from the original release.

Yes, Resident Evil 4 VR didn’t have Mercenaries, Separate Ways, or Assignment: Ada when it arrived last month, but it will be getting one of those expansions in 2022.

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Mercenaries will be the first of RE4’s three expansions to arrive as a free update next year. Essentially an arcade mini-game, Mercenaries gives players a time limit to kill as many enemies as they can using whatever they find in a given level. You start with Leon, but unlock other characters like Ada, Wesker, and Krauser later on. Each character starts with its own unique loadout and has its own special abilities which are generally better than Leon’s.

Resident evil 4 vr shooting a zombie with a pistol as it charges with an arm raised

But that's not all that's coming in 2022. There are also plans to add hand-based steering and improved left-handed controls, as well as options to adjust a player's in-game height and where inventory slots are located on a player's chest.


No mention of Separate Ways or Assignment: Ada was made, but with Mercenaries on the horizon, it seems highly probable that the other two Resident Evil 4 expansions will arrive eventually.

If Resident Evil 4 remake wasn't enough VR Biohazard for you, then check out the modders working to bring Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes to virtual reality. Keep in mind that you'll need an incredibly beefy computer to run these games in VR, but if you do, it's basically an improved version of RE4 VR.

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