The remaster of the 2010 Wii game, Sonic: Colors Ultimate, has received a patch that improves stability and updates the save system across all platforms.

When Sonic Colors: Ultimate launched on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC back in September, some players reported various issues including glitches, performance problems, and a worrying lack of seizure warnings. Sega has now released update 2.6 (or 1.0.6 for the Switch version), which betters the game's stability, updates its save system, and improves audio mixing, among other things.

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As seen in the Tweet below, there are a whole host of improvements that have been brought to the game - music now loops in credits, making it more seamless and less jarring, the 'Giving Credit Where Credit's Due' achievement has an updated description, Eggman fireworks appear at the end of Terminal Velocity in the Switch port, and the Yellow Drill Wisp can now damage Captain Jelly on PC. The achievement, for context, requires you to play through the Credits level - it takes place after the final boss and is 30 minutes long. But you can just skip them - either way, works.

However, some fans are upset at Sega for taking two months to release the patch. While it does address the glitches they've run into, there are still plenty more to be fixed. The Twitter account for The Sonic Show said they appreciate the patch getting released, but that they would've appreciated it more had it come sooner, noting that it took 76 days.


One fan pointed out that Sonic's model still lacks eye movement - his eyelids are floating in front of his face at times while his animation is broken in Starlight Carnival. There are a few little graphical quirks like this that have yet to be addressed, but perhaps we'll see Sega take note and patch them too in future.

Patches aren't always a one-and-done deal. It takes some time to address the technical difficulties presented in the game, and Sonic Colors: Ultimate is no exception to this. The social media manager for Sonic the Hedgehog announced that another patch is in the works, but didn't specify when it will be released.

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